7 For 7

Seven things for seven weeks. 

Body, Mind, Spirit

Creating healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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Join the challenge. 

Spend the next 7 weeks doing these 7 things.

Use them to develop life long habits that feed your body, mind, and spirit.

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(Coming Soon for January 2023 Challenge)

  • Workout

    45 minute workout.

    Four times a week. Hit the gym, take a walk, choose a fitness route, whatever you choose just get moving for 45 minutes.

  • Diet

    Choose a diet.

    It can be anything you want. Just whatever you choose you have to stick with it for 7 weeks.

    *Use Sunday as a true day of "REST"  don't stress about your diet.

    (Have a brownie Alternate Grinning Face  but just one). Its not a cheat day, its a "REST" day.

  • Water

    Drink tons of water everyday

    Tip: add some lemon and/or lime to it to help. Also get a larger bottle that you can carry with you and fill up just 2 or 3 times. 

    Examples of water intake. 

    Under 125lbs 1/2 a gallon - 125-175 3/4 gallon - 175+ Full Gallon

    Find the right portion and stick with it.

  • Read

    Read two chapters in the bible.

    You can start anywhere you like. You can read through the Psalms,  or the Gospels, there are loads of options. Try a different translation then what you normally read from.

  • Pray

    Three prayers everyday.

    You can choose to pray one prayer for yourself, one for others, one for your family. You can can pray whatever is on you heart. The idea is to take time to talk to Jesus and give Him three things. Then listen.

  • Silence & Solitude

    Spend 15 minutes in silence everyday.

    Get by yourself the best you can, turn off all the noise, and just rest. Let God speak. Listen.

    Slow down from the fast pace of life and just walk with God in the cool of the day.

  • Devotional

    Pick a devotional and take notes/ journal.

    Any devotional. It can be as simple as the You Version "Verse of the Day" - but then take notes about it and your day. The key is to write down what you are thinking about. You can even use this as a journal. Try a five year journal where your forced to write just one line a day.

    For 2023 we are encouraging everyone to try "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers

    You can purchase it here on Amazon