Ohh That Smell

I heard a story once about a Grandpa; One day Grandpa decided to nap on the couch, his grandson decided to play a trick on him and spread some stinky cheese on his mustache. When he woke he commented “this couch stinks” he walked into the kitchen, this kitchen stinks; he walked outside, the whole […]

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C.S. Lewis was brilliant in his book – The Screwtape Letters. The book outlines a conversation between two demons writing back and forth on how to handle the faith of a new Christian. One of the best lines in the book is this… ….our cause (Satan’s) is never more in danger then when a human, […]

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Hermit Crabs

Here at the beach there are tons of so-called “surf shops”, at these shops you can buy everything from key chains to hermit crabs. You can buy towels with your name on them, bumper stickers of your local beach and clothing galore. You can buy sunblock and smoothies, you can buy hats and hammocks. But […]

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There is certain constants throughout the Bible. One of them being the reaction of man when he comes in the presence of God. Have you ever heard that song “I can only imagine” Imagine what it will be like when we stand before God? Well truth is we don’t have to imagine, because time and […]

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What is the meaning of it all? A common question; to often with common answers. Answers that leave us satisfied in the mind and empty in the heart. Have you ever felt this way? In Matthew 12 Jesus is walking with His disciples, they start to pluck some grain from a field and begin to […]

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The Bible is full of genealogy, this guy had this son, who had this son, who had this son, who…. you get the idea. Honestly most of us probably skip over most of these parts, after all there are times when the list goes on and on. Name after name. In Luke 3 we are […]

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In Genesis 4 we are told briefly of two brothers, -Jabal; he was the father of those who dwell in tents and have livestock. His brother’s name was Jubal; he was the father of all those who play the lyre and pipe. Two brothers that were completely different. One brother was a outdoors-man sleeping in […]

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Every year we make resolutions, for the most part these resolutions are full of things that we want “to do”. How about this year we make a resolution on what we are “not” going to do! Exodus 20:8 Tells us to remember the Sabbath, to stop working and rest in God. What if this year […]

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Today if you were to go to financial investor they may invest the majority of your money in proven companies with long track records. Companies that have made it through the hard times, the ups and downs. They may also invest some in overseas companies. Then they would challenge you to invest a small portion […]

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It seams now a days lots of people want to race to the bottom, to see who can build it cheaper, faster, more productive, wit more machines, and less humans. Ship, track, count, spreadsheets, etc….. It works well for some. Only problem is when you win the race to the bottom building the fastest, cheapest, […]

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