Hermit Crabs

Here at the beach there are tons of so-called “surf shops”, at these shops you can buy everything from key chains to hermit crabs. You can buy towels with your name on them, bumper stickers of your local beach and clothing galore. You can buy sunblock and smoothies, you can buy hats and hammocks. But […]

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What is the meaning of it all? A common question; to often with common answers. Answers that leave us satisfied in the mind and empty in the heart. Have you ever felt this way? In Matthew 12 Jesus is walking with His disciples, they start to pluck some grain from a field and begin to […]

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Today if you were to go to financial investor they may invest the majority of your money in proven companies with long track records. Companies that have made it through the hard times, the ups and downs. They may also invest some in overseas companies. Then they would challenge you to invest a small portion […]

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It seams now a days lots of people want to race to the bottom, to see who can build it cheaper, faster, more productive, wit more machines, and less humans. Ship, track, count, spreadsheets, etc….. It works well for some. Only problem is when you win the race to the bottom building the fastest, cheapest, […]

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Go Slow to Go Fast

I have a bunch of friends that are big NASCAR fans. The other day as they were deep in conversation over car weights, and fuel regulation someone commented this… “you got to slow down so you can go fast”. They were referring to how a driver will slow the car down before a big turn […]

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Have you ever watched a child discover the magic of bubbles for the first time? Its amazing. You dip the little wand into the jar, blow gently, and out comes this wonderful wobbly floating object. The child cant help but stare at the wonderful creation. But then its not enough to just, see she has […]

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Pain & Suffering

Do you remember a few years ago when you would go to the mall and there would be those paintings that looked like a bunch of nothing? Lines everywhere no real value just a bunch of loud colors on cheap paper? But everyone would be standing around staring at them. You would begin to hear […]

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More Then Perfect

Did you know that every year 1000’s of people are rejected from Harvard? Not to unlikely, I know. But what if I told you that these are not just every day applicants. These rejected applicants are from people with a perfect 4.0, those that scored a 800 on the SAT’s, and were at the top […]

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Two Great Questions

Do you know what you want to do with your life? This is question I’m sure all of us have heard at some point in our lives. Maybe in school, college, or on the job. But somewhere along the line we stop asking. There comes a point where the question shifts from “What do you […]

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Units of Measure

We live in a world that loves to measure everything. We use things like ounces, grams, feet, inches, miles, pounds, miles per hour, miles per gallon, fractions, yards, gigabytes… the list goes on and on. We use them everyday and in all types of ways. For the business man its the bottom line, for the […]

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