Fishing Stories

  It’s those famous stories of fishermen, hunters, and all other liars. It always starts out the same. Normal average mundane kind of day…… but then. The fish was 10 pounds and we had to wrestle it to the boat just before the line snapped. Over the years the story evolves. It starts off at […]

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Getting Close

Often the people that impress us the most are the one’s we only know from a distance. The real beauty and wonder is when we get close. When we get close enough to see all their scars, shortcomings, and annoyances and still love them anyway. Now that’s impressive.

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Really Annoying

Here is the thing. Some people are really really annoying. With some people I would rather lay concrete for 14 hours a day in the middle of a 120 degree heat wave then spend 10 minutes with them in the most beautiful place on earth. The more I think about it’s not just some….. its […]

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Jesus tells this amazing parable of a dad that told his two sons to go out and get some work done on the farm, the older son answered “No way pops” only later to change his mind and go and do the work. The dad also told the younger son to go get some work […]

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Our culture and society tries its best to tell us what is hot, new, hip, what we should like, what we should eat, what clothes to wear, what cars to drive, what homes to live in, what music is the best, what it means to fit in, to find acceptance…… the list goes on. Problem […]

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The Story

Starting June 15th 2014 “Fathers Day” Coastal Vineyard Church is starting a new series called THE STORY – A Journey Thu the Bible This week. The book of Acts. Maybe take some time to read it this week. There is a lot that goes on especially in the first few chapters. We will talk soon. […]

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He is anything but predictable. To some He would say go and to others He would say stay put. The crowds got bigger – He left. He told stories that people didn’t understand. He slept during storms and prayed while others slept. He was a king – born in a stable. He feed an insurmountable […]

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The Idea of God

We love the idea of Jesus. Think about it. There is a God who loves us, He cares for us, lived for us, died for us, and is always ready to welcome us into His arms. Who wouldn’t love this God – after all it doesn’t get much better then that! Not to mention the […]

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Windows & Rooms

“We live in a time when there is much in the window but nothing in the room. – DL” Where the appearance is more important than the substance. We choose our cars based on popularity, (never mind how they actually ride). We choose are beverage based on TV commercials, (Never mind how they actually taste). […]

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