Fishing Stories


It’s those famous stories of fishermen, hunters, and all other liars.
It always starts out the same.
Normal average mundane kind of day…… but then.
The fish was 10 pounds and we had to wrestle it to the boat just before the line snapped.

Over the years the story evolves.
It starts off at a 10 pounder then makes it’s way up to 12,15, and then a whopping 25 pounds! By this time the fish is so big you couldn’t even have fit it in the frame of a wide angle camera lens. No matter how far back you stood.
It becomes the thing of legends.
Small towns rejoice, stories are told, and legends are born.
Only one day the story teller can’t quite remember what really happened anymore.
He believes the story of the 25 pound monster catch with all his heart, or at least most of it.

We all have our fish stories.
Fish stories are great until they are not so great.

Sometimes life can become a “fish story” we begin to believe things about the past that just are not true. We look in the rear view and remember the green pastures, the good ol’ days.
Problem is that the grass was never that green, those days weren’t that good, and that fish was not that big.
But to us they are ….. after all its our story. Its how we remember it.

Not too long ago I was telling a story to a couple in our church about a time that I was in Indonesia and went to work for a Muslim couple selling bootleg dvd’s on the street.
Yeah thats right, you heard me.
I offered to work there that day so one of their employees, his name was Kitut, could have a day off. Kitut worked 15 hour days 7 days a week and hadn’t had a day off in months.
I told the owner I would work and he could have the day off.
I did it, I got tourist to come into the small shop and made some sales.
It happened. At least thats the way I remembered it.
Thats the way I told the story.

Only there was a few discrepancies in the story, that I think I got wrong.
The story went down just the way I told it, but as I now remember, the owners didn’t give Kitut the day off, if I remember right they just gave him a long break.

Seems innocent enough right? Small detail. No big deal.
But here is what got me thinking.
Why is it that over time the stories change just enough to make us loo better? The fish always gets bigger, the work day gets longer, the hill was uphill both ways, and the snow was 20 feet deep.

Very rarely does the story go in the opposite direction.
But what if….

What if we have it all backwards?
What if instead of the fish getting bigger they actually got smaller?
Not smaller in size or diminish the things of the past in anyway, but small in comparison to what is happening right now.
The bigness of God at work in your life presently.
What if the good ol’ days are today?
What if our stories got even bigger, not because we deceived ourselves, but because our eyes have become wide open to the things that are going on right now?
Now thats a fish story.
Thats the story I want to live.

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