Hermit Crabs

Here at the beach there are tons of so-called “surf shops”, at these shops you can buy everything from key chains to hermit crabs. You can buy towels with your name on them, bumper stickers of your local beach and clothing galore. You can buy sunblock and smoothies, you can buy hats and hammocks.

But you know what you can’t buy at these “surf shops”? A”Surf Board”! Its crazy the one thing that absolutely must have to go surfing. A Surf board.

Oh the boards are there all right, they’re hanging on the wall like a piece of art to decorate the store. Its pretty sad.


I wonder if this is how the church looks? We got every time of “ministry” imaginable..

Men’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Kids Ministry

Financial Classes

Marriage Classes

Parenting Groups

….. the list goes on and on. But do we have Jesus? Or has He just become wall art in our churches? Have we substituted the one thing that we absolutely must have in our churches for……….. well key chains and hermit crabs.

That “HE” would be the center, everything else is just extra.

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