What is the meaning of it all? A common question; to often with common answers. Answers that leave us satisfied in the mind and empty in the heart. Have you ever felt this way?

In Matthew 12 Jesus is walking with His disciples, they start to pluck some grain from a field and begin to eat. Quickly the religious leaders of the day point fingers and pull out their bible kung-fu.

“Hey, they can’t do that! It says so in the law”.

Jesus responds with a story of a great man that they all trusted and respected, a king, a leader; Jesus reminds them of a time when this man seemingly broke the rules. He gives another example and then concludes with these words “…. you would not have condemned my innocent disciples if you knew the meaning of this Scripture”

Wow! Remember, He is talking to men who have spent their lifetime memorizing and studying the scriptures. Yet in the mist of all that they didn’t know the meaning.

Sobering, to know that you can be so close to the truth and yet so far away.


“Lord may I find myself humbled in the presence of You and your children, forgive me for empty answers.” May I know you more and more and the power of your resurrection. ” -Amen

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