The Bible is full of genealogy, this guy had this son, who had this son, who had this son, who…. you get the idea. Honestly most of us probably skip over most of these parts, after all there are times when the list goes on and on. Name after name.

In Luke 3 we are given 77 names that take us from Adam to Christ. The list may be long at first but when you think about it in context, history as a whole, from the creation of the first man to the arrival of Jesus…….well that same list becomes very short. 

It may seem like our days are long, especially when we are going through suffering, pain, and disappointment. But the truth is life is short, its kind of like a vapor that appears for a moment then its gone.

Yet in that moment we find our names among the list, among the genealogy, among the men and women that have gone before us. And those that are still to come. We find our role in Gods story. The Story.




One thought on “Genealogy

  1. Well said! Life is too short yo dwell on the little things or on negative things. Lets push forward and focus on the positive!

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