Today if you were to go to financial investor they may invest the majority of your money in proven companies with long track records. Companies that have made it through the hard times, the ups and downs.
They may also invest some in overseas companies. Then they would challenge you to invest a small portion in new promising companies.
All this is done to minimize risk.  Diversify!
Diversify your cash and don’t put too much in the new companies, these after all are high risk.
But everyone knows
Higher risk has the greatest reward, or biggest losses.

So why are these new companies high risk you may ask?
Simple: We haven’t seen what they do when things get tough and most don’t make it. Hence “High Risk”.
So this leads me to a question……

What if Jesus was investable (like a stock) what kind of risk would he be labeled?
By today’s standards “Low” very very low in fact!
Low in the sense He has stood the test of time. He has made it through the hard times…. not once, not twice,…. but time and time again.
From birth kings sought out to kill Him, then generations to come would try to eradicate His message from the planet. We would go on to burn His book, we would make it illegal to worship Him in public, and we would try our best to leave Him out of  our educational systems, communities, and homes.
Yet He lives on.
His message remains.

Still. I think today most would label Him “high risk” despite His excellent track record. Despite the undeniable fact that there is no stopping the gospel message. It reaches into the deepest jungles and to the most remote of deserts, it crosses oceans, and valleys, it spans beyond generations, race, language, and it captures the hardest of hearts and comforts the down and out.
He lives on.
His message remains.

So why? Why the “high risk”?
Because of the How.
The “how” He chooses to run things.
He says things like…

  •     You have to die so that you can live
  •     Its better to give then receive
  •     Blessed are those that are persecuted

That’s a “different” model to say the least. Not exactly the invest-able vision statement you want to hear.
Yet He lives on. His record unblemished.

High Risk?
Well, His plan for redemption did involved a cross.
His forgiveness of sins, involved a whip.
His healing for the nations, involved a beating beyond measure.
Yet He lives on. His record unblemished. His name lifted high.
High Risk?
What do you think?

I think its worth the “risk”…..or lack thereof.

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