It seams now a days lots of people want to race to the bottom, to see who can build it cheaper, faster, more productive, wit more machines, and less humans. Ship, track, count, spreadsheets, etc…..

It works well for some. Only problem is when you win the race to the bottom building the fastest, cheapest, most productive product on the market, that’s where you tend to stay. Sure people buy it, but do they love it.

And there is always a floor.

There is always a point where you just cant go any lower. This is where innovation comes to die. This is where dreams fade into the deep abyss. All that matters now is how can we not go under.

Here is another idea….. how about instead of seeing how fast and cheap we can make it. Lets see if we can build it better, cleaner, with more fun, more creatively, and something worth more then a price tag. 

What if it wasn’t a product we were talking about but “life”?

What if the destination was a by-product and not a prime product?


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