I was honored by everyone in town.
When I spoke, everyone listened;
they hung on my every word.
People who knew me spoke well of me;
my reputation went ahead of me.
I was known for helping people in trouble
and standing up for those who were down on their luck. Job 29 Excerpt

The words of Job ring loud, I use to be somebody. But now…..

but no longer. Now I’m the butt of their jokes… I’m the one they’re after,
mistreating me, taunting and mocking.
They abhor me, they abuse me.
How dare those scoundrels—they spit in my face! Job 30

Now its a different story. Now that the parades are gone, the lights are dimmed, and the crowds have left. The pats on the back turn to slaps in the face and Job wants to know why.

How often do we find our identity in who others say we are?

How often do we find ourselves struggling when day turns night?

How often do we like to find meaning by the things we do?
Mothers: That give their whole life to raising kids.
Only the kids grow up and leave. Now what do I do?
Fathers: That spend years at work to support and provide.
What happens when there is no longer anyone to provide for?
Pastors: That give week after week to help encourage in the assembly.
Until they are no longer in charge.
Business men: That spend a lifetime building a company.
Only to be replaced.
If we are not careful we can define ourselves by others dependence. Because if someone else is     dependent on me then that means that I am needed and important.
But the day will come when you are not needed. The phone doesn’t ring of the hook and the mailbox is empty.
It’s just you and God.

There are lots of names for God. Savior, King, Mighty One, Healer, Friend…. but there are also some names that we don’t hear that often. He is referred to as a drunken, glutton, friend of tax collectors, and sinners, blasphemer, and empowered by Satan.

Jesus was called all sorts of things by all sorts of people. But what mattered most is what God said.

“This is my son in whom I am well pleased”

He was given a parade one day and crucified a few days later. But He never forgot who He was.

When we go through pain and suffering its easy to forget who we are, its easy to look around us and see what we have lost.

You are more than your pain. More than your loss. More than your success.

You are somebody, even when your a nobody.

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