Have you ever watched a child discover the magic of bubbles for the first time? Its amazing.

You dip the little wand into the jar, blow gently, and out comes this wonderful wobbly floating object.

The child cant help but stare at the wonderful creation. But then its not enough to just, see she has to touch it. So out goes her little arm and WHAM the bubble pops and she has no idea what happened. She looks towards the bubble blower, confused and heartbroken.

Until another bubble comes out of the magical bubble wand.

And the pattern continues. Over and over and over….. and over and over……. and over and over.

Somethings in life are not made to be touched.

Yet we feel the need to touch them, and we are surprised when it pops. When our world collapses, everything falls apart, and what was once a thing of beauty is now nowhere to be seen. We turn to the bubble blower, confused and upset.

Then it appears once again, and again, and again and we reach out again and again. POP. All the time wondering why? Why this beautiful letdown? Why cant I just hold onto to the bubble.

Why? Because somethings are not made to be touched.

The Mona Lisa

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The sun the stars.

Sex before marriage.

Graven Images

Unhealthy relationships……….the list goes on and on. What in your life do you continually feel the need to touch?



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