Kicks in the Night (A Post for Pastors)

I have a little maltese dog, I love him and he loves me.
Every night as I lay down to got to sleep he comes up beside me and rolls into a little ball making sure that he gets as close and snug as he can to me.
Then falls asleep.
At some point in the night though he eventually starts stretching out and inevitably starts kicking me out his way so he can be more comfortable.

I wonder if the church is like this sometimes. We love people and they love us. Its only a matter of time before we get real comfortable together.
But then there is “A Kick in the Night” when more room is needed and the church is now just in the way.

Often we think people leave our churches because of things like anger, bitterness, sin, music preference, etc.
Could it be they leave because of comfort?
Could it be we are dying not from the pain that life sometimes offers but from its comforts?
Dying, not from the denial of pleasure but from the indulgence of it.
Dying, not from embracing the dangers and unknowns of the faith, but from doing everything we can to make faith as easy and comfortable as possible.

Why do people leave your church? Is it just….well……comfortable? If so it might not be long before there is “A Kick in the Night”.

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