Pain & Suffering

Do you remember a few years ago when you would go to the mall and there would be those paintings that looked like a bunch of nothing? Lines everywhere no real value just a bunch of loud colors on cheap paper?

But everyone would be standing around staring at them.

You would begin to hear people say things like…. I see it, wow! It’s a boat! Its fish. Its 3D! That’s awesome.

The technical name for these painting is Autostereogram’s. It’s a kind of picture hidden with in the picture and if you look at it just the right way the true picture emerges.

I remember staring at these things for what seemed like hours. Nothing. Others saw it in minutes, still others seconds, and some never saw it.Me, well I just couldn’t seem to see it.

For thousands of years we have looked into pain and suffering and found ourselves wondering. Wondering things like…..Why God? Why me? There is no purpose to this? How can you allow such a thing?

Often it’s not until years later that the true picture emerges. And here is the kicker.

It’s not that all the questions get answered either.

There is still pain and hurt and questions. It’s as if we have poured out our heart, dropped countless tears, now only to have God walk us over to the mall and show us a picture of the Autostereogram. We stare it and wonder and even get angry. Then one day something emerges. It’s a cross.

A cross that reminds us.

A cross that reminds us that we serve a God who is familiar with our pain. Familiar with our suffering. A God that cries out my God my God why have you forsaken me. I God beaten and broken, a God that bleeds.

A God.

A Man.

Familiar with our Pain.

Familiar with our Suffering.

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