He rides in to town on a donkey
No chariots or choice stallions
He was born in a manger
Not in a palace
His Kingdom is not of this world

He wears a crown of thorns
Not the gold and diamonds of Kings past
He eats, walks, and talks among sinners and thieves
Not the norm for rising stars

He uses fishermen and tax collectors
Gives sermons from Mountain tops and boat docks
He walks calmly on rough waters
and rest in the mist of storms

He does the unexpected

He feeds the multitudes with five loaves and two fish
He calls the rich poor and the poor rich
He was mocked by his own
Embraced by the outcast
As a carpenter’s son he made tables and chairs
As a man he filled them with baskets of bread and pitchers of wine
Inviting all to
Drink of His cup
To eat of His body

To live a life beyond the norm, beyond the ordinary
Beyond what was expected – The Unexpected

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