The book of Joshua tells the story of the children of Israel, crossing the river Jordan to go into their promised land. Halfway through passing the Jordan one member from each of the 12 tribes is told to pick up a stone, carry it to the other side, and place them all together as a memorial.

Why this memorial? Joshua knew that in the days to come that no matter how great the miracle, we would forget. We would get caught up in our present and forget out past. And our children who have yet to come would not know what had happened.

Today the story remains the same. We see God move in miraculous ways we hear stories from our family, friends, and neighbors. Yet we still forget.


In America today our 12 stones piled high on the ground are known as; the statue of liberty, museums, and so on. They serve as a way of reminding. Bring back to memory that which we so easily forget.

Do you have any monuments in your life?

How do you remember?

What serves as your 12 stones so that others may see and remember?

2 thoughts on “Monuments

  1. A monument that I have in my life is my wedding ring. It reminds me of the promise I made to God, Lucas, and myself. A promise of love, honor, and respect. I am blessed to have this “monument” in my life and to share it with others!

  2. Good post and first comment.

    I think my 2 most read Bibles are some of my most used monuments. Their pages reflect my love of Scripture and my desire to read, study, mull over and internalize God’s Word in my life.

    I have 9 other stones – living stones – 4 children serving the Lord, 3 kids in law serving the Lord, and 2 grandkids being loved, prayed for, and nurtured to follow Jesus.

    I guess my 12th stone is my gem of gems – my wonderful wife – who has stuck by me in the thick and the thin. Thank the Lord for her!

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