Water Into Wine

In the book of John Chapter 2 the story is told of Jesus turning water into wine. One of the things I love about the story is when Jesus’ mother comes to him and says.

Hey we are all out of wine.

Jesus’ response is priceless. “Women what does your concern have to do with me”?…..

So I’m on the couch the other day watching TV when my wife ask me to go to the kitchen and get her something to drink. My response, “Women what does your concern have anything to do with me”?!

I guess you know what happened next.  “The Look”!! At some point in time we have all got “The Look” before. I simply replied ….. what baby, I’m just trying to be like Jesus. Needless to say I went and got the beverage for my wife, and guess what?…… Jesus got the wine for the party also.

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