More Then Perfect

Did you know that every year 1000’s of people are rejected from Harvard?

Not to unlikely, I know.

But what if I told you that these are not just every day applicants. These rejected applicants are from people with a perfect 4.0, those that scored a 800 on the SAT’s, and were at the top of their class.

Makes this statistic a little more shocking. Right. So what does this tell us?

Well maybe its says that it takes more than knowledge and more than perfection. (After all it’s not like you can score higher than a 800 on the SAT’s).

How often do we wait to follow our dreams? We think we are not smart enough or talented enough. We think we don’t have the charisma or the social popularity to make it happen. We dilute ourselves into thinking someone else is more qualified or better suited to do the job.

We tell ourselves these lies…. don’t we?

Well, here is the big news. It’s NOT about being perfect, it’s NOT about having all the right answers or even knowing all the right people. The world doesn’t care about perfection. Its looking for originality! And only you can be you!

Maybe Harvard knows something we all can learn from…..     IT TAKES MORE THEN PERFECT.

One thought on “More Then Perfect

  1. I love the way that Jesus took 12 rough and tumble fishermen and turned the world upside down (or maybe right side up) through them.

    If He can use them, He can use just about anyone (including me)!

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