Jack Of All…

If your reading this and your over the age of 20 chances are growing up you heard something like this….

It’s really good to spread yourself out, learn all you can about as much as you can. Become skilled in lots of different things, that way you will always have something to fall back on.

Sound familiar.

Problem is this is no longer good advice. In today’s world we want “Specialized”.

Doctors that just do heart surgery. Hair dressers that are the best at what they do. Computer Tecs that know networking.

Who cares if my plumber can fix the electrical, who cares that my mechanic knows how to run fiber optics. Truth is I don’t want a my doctor to paint my house.

Yet somehow we think it wise to learn a bunch of stuff. To well, fall back on. I think as a whole we would rather do one thing great the 5 things mediocre. How about you?

So what is it? What is that one thing that gets your heart racing, that puts fear in your heart, and sweat on your head……..got it…. OK now do it. Learn, research, grow, take a risk or as some may say “A step of faith”.  Just do it….. that one thing.

I know what your thinking. Sure, there are exceptions. There always will be. Michael Jordan played pro baseball also, well sort of.

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