How many of you guys still write in cursive? Odds are not many , it’s about as useful as a VCR tape right about now.

Did you know that they stopped making VCR tapes a few years ago, yet we still teach cursive in the 3rd grade classroom.


I read a post by another blogger (seth godin) that said if you were to rank the top 1000 things a child needs to learn in school, writing in cursive would not even make the list. Yet we feel the need to do so. I think a typing class may prove to be more useful.

When I was in the 8th grade I remember taking a computer class, by the end of the year everything that I had learned was obsolete. Time’s change! Its just the way it is.

But the question remains. What is it right now that you are spending your time, money, and energy doing that is going no where?

P.S. Don’t buy any stock in VCR’s, cable service, CD manufacturing, or Hummer.

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