OK lets imagine for a minute that the church didn’t exist.

That there were NO Sunday meetings, NO worship services, NO nothing.

But lets take it a step further. Lets say that not only did the church not exist but you had never experienced it before. There were no preconceived notions on what it would look like, no order of service, (no service at all).  Nothing. Blank page. Starting from scratch.

Alright, now here is the question. How would you do church?

Your goals are simple.

1. Introduce people to Christ. (Experience)

2. Equip them to run with the message. (Equip)

3. Send them out to change the world. (Send)

Simple right. Experience, equip, send. The great commission. Tell others, make disciples, have them repeat the pattern. How would you do it?

Years ago someone answered this very question. There response was this… we will have a Sunday morning meeting, gather people, worship God, and teach on His teachings.This has been predominately the church model for the last ….well I don’t know how far back it goes. And here is the thing. It works. It’s a great plan. Only problem is it is failing in today’s world. Today more and more people are growing tired of the church. Are there more and more people coming to church every week? Sure. But for just as many that are coming more and more are leaving. Some for good reasons but a lot out of just sheer boredom.

The message stays the same its the method that changes. So the questions remains how would you do church? What would be your best response to introducing people to Christ, equipping them to use their gifts and sending them out?

Do you think a Sunday morning service is the best way to do this.

When the iPod came out it didn’t try to make the CD better it discovered a whole new platform. The purpose was the same “deliver high quality music”. The message also remained the same. The method on the other hand revolutionized the music industry. Its time for a revolution I say.

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